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Spas / Water Care / Covers & Accessories

We offer exclusive hot tub accessories designed to enhance your Hot Spring spa and make your home spa experience even more enjoyable. "They're not just accessories... they're Necessories®!"

Water Care
Ace® Salt Water Sanitizing System - Diamond Technology
The ACE® system contains a special diamond electrode that automatically creates five different powerful and effective cleaners for your hot tub from just a small amount of salt and your spas' water. When the diamond electrode is energized, it breaks apart water molecules to create active oxygen. Active oxygen is one of the world's most effective natural cleaners and is the first way the ACE system automatically cleans the water. The active oxygen then continues with salt and other elements in the water to create chlorine and three other powerful oxidizers.

Everfresh® Water Care System
Another great water care alternative to the ACE® salt water sanitizing system is the EverFresh system. The EverFresh system combines the cleaning power of our FreshWater® III ozone system with several of other FreshWater products to keep your water clean and crystal clear while reducing the need for chlorine or bromine.

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Clean, clear, inviting spa water with no chemical smell, no dry or itchy skin. Just a weekly shake and pour of SilkBalance will achieve it all.

Log on and check out our user testimonies about how simple and easy it is to have silky soft skin every time you use your spa!


Spa Entertainment Systems
For maximum entertainment, add Hotspring's Wireless TV & Sound Systems, Wireless Sound Systems or Integrated MP3 Sound Systems to your setup. Transmit your favorite show from your home TV wirelessly, enjoy virtually any audio source you choose: iPod®, MP3, satellite radio, AM/FM radio, CD/DVD player, audio files on your computer, and more. Want your media closer? Try our integrated units. Built into the spa cabinet, this system features an iPod dock and auxiliary input for other MP3 players. Also included is a waterproof remote.

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Your spa ownership experience would not be complete without Hot Spring® cover removal systems. Cover removal systems are designed specifically to work with your Hot Spring cover and will enhance the ownership experience by making entry to your spa simple, helping to prevent unnecessary damage to your spa's cover, and eliminating the need to drag off and pull on the spa cover before and after using your spa. A Hot Spring cover removal system will increase the use and enjoyment of your spa.

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Spa Steps
The Hot Spring® spa steps are designed to match the color of your cabinet and create a beautiful complement to your spa. Adding one of our step options allows for safe and easy access to your Hot Spring spa.

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Spa Side Complements
Create a tranquil place where you can get away, without ever leaving your backyard, with these great hot tub enhancements such as the Clarion® Lighting System, Spa Side Umbrella, Spa Side Towel Tree and more.

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