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Fireplaces / Electric Fireplaces

lopiAmbiance in a heartbeat. Whether it comes from a full sized fireplace or a set of flickering candles, firelight never fails to set the perfect tone. Our Electric Fireplaces and Illuminations lighting products can add that dancing fire feel to otherwise impossible spaces in your home. With no venting required, it can be as simple as set in place, plug in and touch a button on your remote control.

avalonOur Electric Fireplaces -

  • Simply plugs into a standard wall outlet.
  • Easy to use remote control for all functions
  • Operate with or without heat.
  • Standard Fan with Purifire Air Filtration System.
  • Mantel Cabinets available or can be framed into a wall.

avalonOur Illuminations "Candles" -

  • Beauty and realism of burning candles without the soot or open flame.
  • Inexpensive to operate.
  • One button remote control or wall switch.
  • Adds light and ambiance to any room of your home (bedroom, bathroom, den, foyer, dining room, kitchen), anywhere.
  • Custom cabinets available or frame into a wall.
  • Can be installed as one sided or see-through.

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