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Q: How do I know which stove to buy?
A: At Northstar we pride ourselves in assisting you with making the right choice to insure that you will be happy with your investment for years to come. Based upon home size, location of the stove and your daily schedules, we will help you choose the right fuel (wood, pellet, gas) and stove to best suit your needs.

Q: How long to install?
A: Generally all installations take 1 day.

Q: How much money can I save on my heating bill by using a stove?
A: Depending on the situation, your entire heating load can be accomplished with one of our appliances. Use your conventional heating system as a back up.

Q: I have a fireplace and it cools down my house when I use it, what can I do?
A: If it’s a masonry fireplace (brick/mortar) they can install a wood, pellet or gas insert that will heat the home without allowing precious heat loss through the chimney. If it's a manufactured (metal chimney) fireplace, we can offer (in most cases) a pellet or gas insert. We can also replace your manufactured fireplace with a high efficiency wood, pellet or gas fireplace.

Q: Can I use my stove when I’m not home?
A: Most certainly. Feel confident that your stove will safely & efficiently heat your house while you are gone.

Q: What's the difference between a traditional and a high-efficiency fireplace?
A: Traditional fireplaces (masonry built or manufactured metal) use large, open flues to exhaust the smoke and unfortunately also most of the fire's heat as well as your house heat. Since the flue must be left open until the fire is totally out, its like leaving a window open all night long. High-efficiency fireplaces (our Fireplace Xtrodinair Elite) burns wood in a controllable, efficient manner and has a specially designed heat exchanger system to get the warmth of the fire into your home. It combines the beauty of a fireplace and state-of-the-art wood-burning efficiency in one unit.

High efficiency fireplaces offer the beauty of a fireplace, and are efficient enough to heat house while still giving a fireplace look.

Q: What do I need for plumbing and electrical?
A: NO plumbing needed- you can fill the tub with a garden hose. Electrical - depending on the model, some require a 110-120 outlet; most tubs require wiring from a 50 amp breaker.

Q: Where should I put my hot tub?
A: A convenient and easy to access area such as a patio or deck. Of course, these areas need to be able to support the weight of the tub which is approximately 120lb per square foot.

Q: How many people can fit in a tub?
A: There are many variations; we have spas for two, all the way up to tubs that fit a large family comfortably.

Q: Can I use it year around?
A: Yes! In fact, hot tubbing is a winter sport. For those hot summer days, the temperature can be dropped to as low as 80 degrees F.

Q: What is the cost to run a hot tub?
A: Our Hotspring portable hottubs are certified with the CA energy commission for efficiency. Most models cost LESS than $30 a month to enjoy!

Q: How do I keep the water quality fresh and appealing?
A: There are a variety of water care systems, from our unique ACE Salt Water system that automatically generates chlorine to maintain water, to conventional chlorine and bromine and many in between. Let us discuss the possibilities with you.

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